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Irish Botanica
Winter Voice Wellness

Have you ever had a tickly cough, sore throat or cold appearing just before a big occasion?  Nutritionist Sarah Brereton has some natural remedies that will help you.

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Stress Less

If you ask most people what causes them stress, the response you’re most likely to hear is “life”. While life isn’t always smooth sailing, there are many things you can do to shake up the status quo and get out of your stressed-out state. As soon as you’re in the control seat – taking action – you’ll feel better than if you were to sit around and ruminate. Here’s how:

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Managing Sleep and Anxiety

Sleep a five letter word that most of us look forward to at the end of the day, a time that we can shut down peacefully and begin the rest and repair process, but for others the word sleep fills them with anxiety, a night spent tossing and turning and trying to switch the brain off.

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